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Laser Ophthalmologist in Billeaud

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Laser Eye Care in Billeaud

Laser Ophthalmologist in Billeaud
Laser Ophthalmologist in Billeaud

The advent of laser therapy has revolutionized the treatment of many eye disorders and has halted or slowed the loss of sight among our patients. The human eye is comprised of many structures that coordinate to form a clear image that is sent to the brain for recognition as a discernible object. One of the most vital parts of the eye is the retina, which is a thin screen-like structure at the back of the eye where light coming into the eye is focused. Our Laser ophthalmologist in Billeaud can help keep the retina as well as other ocular structures functioning optimally. Dr. Robert Young, MD at Young Eyes is a specialist in diagnosing and treating disorders of the retina.

Retinal laser therapy is performed as treatment for a variety of retinal disorders including diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and ocular histoplasmosis. The laser is an instrument that produces a pure, high-intensity beam of light energy. The laser light can be precisely focused onto the retina, selectively treating the desired area while leaving the surrounding tissues untouched. The absorbed energy creates a tiny spot to destroy lesions or join tissues together. This treatment can often preserve vision or slow the advancement of a disorder if performed in a timely fashion by our laser ophthalmologist in Billeaud.

Laser therapy uses short bursts of high-energy light to destroy abnormal cells. Originally used to prevent a detached retina, ophthalmic lasers now are used to stop bleeding, cut tiny openings, and evaporate small amounts of tissue. Lasers are also increasingly being used to correct refractory errors through reshaping corneas and as a tool to help in cataract surgery. Laser therapy is usually a short in-office procedure and is usually painless. Call our laser ophthalmologist in Billeaud if you are experiencing any problems with your eyes or vision.

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