Billeaud Contact Lens Specialist

Billeaud Contact Lens Specialist

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What type of contact lenses are ideal for you? Here at Young Eyes, we take into account your needs, preferences, and comfort level in order to make the proper recommendation. Of course, the choices are always up to you, and we have a range of options, so if you can’t find contacts that you want here, then you probably should stick with eyeglasses.

Our Billeaud contact lens specialist will work with you, doing fittings, and ensuring that you are satisfied with the selection that you make. Contacts have undergone some impressive improvements, not the least of which is an improvement in how good they feel when you put them in. This is true for both major categories: soft and gas-permeable. Soft lenses are usually the most comfortable of all, but gas-permeable breathe and some of our patients find them to be more suitable. Your lifestyle may play a big part in guiding you and our Billeaud contact lens specialist to the right decision. Daily wear can be kept in for up to 12 hours, after which they should be removed to clean for the next day. If you would prefer more time, go with extended wear. You can even keep them in overnight if you like. Even so, at some point, removal and cleaning is going to be necessary. This is not true, however, with disposables. You wear them just once and then deposit them directly into the trash, wearing a new pair the next time. They are the ultimate when it comes to being maintenance free. And for style, individual expression, and fun, you might want to consider color-changing lenses. You can even enjoy them as a fashion accessory, with no vision correction at all.

Schedule an appointment for an eye exam with our office, and then spend a little time with our Billeaud contact lens specialist to pick the ones that most closely match what you want.

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